The Highly-Recommended Charming Tourism Destinations That Seldom People Know

Many small tourist attractions are not well-known, but their scenery is stunning. Because the number of people who know them is relatively small, it will not be crowded, and the cost of local tourism will be relatively low. In 2020, take this travel list to make a plan. I believe you can find the place you like to travel to.


Georgia was a former Soviet republic and the hometown of Stalin, located in the Midwestern Caucasus connecting Eurasia. Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, gets its name from the hot springs nearby; the Black Sea coastal tourist belt has a warm climate, many seaside beach baths, famous cultural relics and historic sites, and pleasant scenery.

The uncrewed station in Ehime County, Japan

There is an uncrewed station called Shimotanhama in Ehime county, Japan, which is also called “the world’s closest station to the sea.” The uncrewed station here is not deserted, but because there are few passengers and there is no guard. All you can see is the blue sea and the platform. The station and all the nearby painting styles are very harmonious, and the photos taken are immaculate.

Laos | Champasak

Champasak Province is a province in southwestern Laos. It borders Thailand and Cambodia. The capital is Pakse. There are many famous attractions here. The most famous is the Stone Buddha Temple. Its importance as a world heritage is self-evident.

Philippines | Palawan

Compared with Boracay in the Philippines, the number of tourists here is less than 1/10, but the scenery is more than 100 times better.

Japan | Kii Peninsula

The Kii Peninsula is Japan’s largest peninsula, and its world cultural heritage, the “Soul Field and Shrine of Mount Kii,” is located in the south.

Vietnam | Phu Quoc Island

Compared to those famous islands, Phu Quoc Island is the ideal holiday paradise for locals. The island has not been over-developed at present, and most areas are in a very primitive state. Tourism is rich in resources and clean and has not been damaged. In recent years, many new star resort hotels have been built.


If there is a country that reminds you of hot air balloons, stupas, smiles, and sunrises at the same time, it is Myanmar. Myanmar’s unique, mysterious and closed atmosphere, coupled with its pure and natural temperament, is recommended by many people who have been here.


Minsk, the capital of Belarus, has a baroque architecture style. Its border has a rich and complex history, noisy bars, and charming passersby. Grodno, one of the oldest cities in Belarus, still has many ancient castles and religious buildings.


Surrounded by azure bays, it still retains the ancient medieval architectural style. Because of the economic lag here, it has also become a country with extremely high-cost performance and the most natural scenery.

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Written by Debra Strauss

Debra, a culinary mother, is a three-child mother who graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a bachelor's degree in economics and Chinese.

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