Most Plagues Are Related to Lung, Why is it so Vulnerable?

Why are the lungs vulnerable in every epidemic disease? Before answering this question, we must figure out the 3 ways of the infection.

What pathways do viruses choose to enter our bodies?

The occurrence of epidemics is mainly due to transmission, and the pathways of transmission are divided into three main categories: digestive transmission; respiratory transmission; and blood-borne transmission.

The openness of the lungs gives easy access to the virus

The lungs belong to the respiratory system, which is directly connected with, or, so to speak, directly exposed to, nature, so what distinguishes the lungs from other organs is their exoteric nature, which is exactly the weakness we are talking about.

Because of the openness of the lung organs, bacteria and viruses can be breathed in and directly into the alveoli, which then attack the lungs and causes pneumonia. So, in many outbreaks, the respiratory tract and lungs are the first ones at risk. Most importantly, the downgrading air quality and globalizing environment make the situation even worse. Despite the great advances in our medical technology, it is still very difficult to prevent and control the spread of the virus, especially in a society where transportation is so convenient.

How to lock the “door” to prevent the virus from entering?

The first and foremost point is naturally to boost one’s immunity. It is necessary to consume a lot of water daily to increase the body’s metabolism, and at the same time to have a certain amount of aerobic exercise. As you begin to make these changes, be sure to make the changes fit the needs of your physical condition. A stable routine is the only way to maintain good health.

Secondly, is that if you live in a plague-ridden area, you must stay away from dense crowds and guarantee yourself an independent and adequate living space. Also, be sure to ensure adequate rest. The second point adds another lock to the door of the lungs.

Last but not least, pay attention to the cleanliness of your hands. You should also improve the disinfection and cleaning of the surrounding environment. Don’t get into the habit of rubbing your eyes and touching your nose with your hands. A viral disease like COVID-19 can transmit through touch!

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Written by Debra Strauss

Debra, a culinary mother, is a three-child mother who graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a bachelor's degree in economics and Chinese.

Debra loves living and sharing and is currently working full-time on article writing.