There is a City Under a Huge Rock?

As we all know, Spain has always been famous for its picturesque towns. Among these picturesque towns, there is an unusual place. The local houses are all built under huge rocks, and the residents live in small, dark places every day. In the town, this small town is the town of Setterill.

The town of Setteril was formed in the 15th century, and local people built houses directly in the stone walls of the canyon itself. These houses were built under the rock, by enlarging the cave upwards or adding outer walls under the rock, and later built houses here The number of people gradually increased, and then developed into a small town, which has a history of more than 600 years.

Setteril’s house structure is extremely peculiar. Due to the closeness to the rock wall, many rooms have only one window, and some rooms have a kitchen or bathroom directly separated from the rock, and some houses are directly built in caves. .

The town of Setenil is small, and it only takes half a day to walk through it. However, because the houses in the entire village have been pressed down by a huge rock for a long time, and each house has no roof because it is pressed by the rock, become a spectacle. For tourists who come here for the first time, it is a very strong visual impact, because they are always worried that the stones on it will fall down.

Although the town is small in size and has only about 3,000 permanent residents, it has the best restaurants and bars in Europe, as well as world-famous sausages and baked goods. In addition, the town also attracts an endless stream of tourists every year with its unique architectural structure and the perfect integration of life and nature.

To this day, no one knows where this huge rock came from. People living in the small town don’t need umbrellas even in rainy days, because there is no rain here at all. However, on sunny days, their The top of the head is not an endless blue sky and white clouds, but a huge rock that is basically within reach.

People living here, no matter the weather outside is scorching sun, or it is windy and rainy, every day of their lives seems to be pitch black, and the only way to see the sun again is to move elsewhere .

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