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Modern football
On October 26, 1863, several football fans met at the Fremarsen Hotel on Queen Street, London, England, to discuss and set up the Football Association of England, the first football association established in the history of world football. The establishment of Peugeot marked the birth of modern football. After that, people called October 26, 1863 "Modern Football Day". In addition, the gathering also drafted a relatively unified football competition rule, which is the prototype of modern football competition rules. Due to the characteristics of the football formation at that time, the competition rules allowed the ball to pass between the goal posts at that time. Entering or crossing the space above, regardless of height, is a win as long as it is not thrown, hit, or transported by the hand. The establishment of the English Football Association has led to the vigorous development of football in some countries in Europe and Latin America, and various countries have successively established football associations.
In 1870, Scotland created the "six fronts and four backs" formation. After that, the British created the "tower" formation of "1+2+3+4+5". This formation had a great influence on the development of world football at that time, because it reflected the basic balance of offensive and defensive forces.

In 1872, England and Scotland held the first official football match between football associations in the history of world football.
On December 6, 1882, the representatives of the four football associations of the Commonwealth (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) adopted the unified rules of football competition in Manchester. In the years since, the rules have been revised several times.
On June 20, 1885, football became professionalized around 1881, and the FA recognized the legal status of professional football in that year.
In 1888, the English Football Association announced the establishment of the English Football League, the first national football professional league in the history of world football, and the first League Championship was won by Preston Football Club.
England hosted its first official women's football match in 1890, which attracted tens of thousands of spectators.
In 1894, the United Kingdom established Preston Dick and Kerrance Women's Football Club. Since then, women's football has been continuously developed in the UK, which has further influenced and driven the development of women's football in other European countries.
In 1900, in the second Summer Olympic Games held in Paris, football was included in the official competition, but it was not taken seriously at that time. Although it was an official competition, it was more of a performance nature, and the team was not composed of made up of the national team.
On May 21, 1904, in order to meet the needs of the development of football, France, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and other countries initiated the establishment of the World Football Federation, the highest organization of world football, in Paris, France, headquartered in Switzerland. Zurich.
In 1908, in the Fourth Summer Olympic Games held in London, England, the football team began to be composed of the national team.
In 1926, at the FIFA General Assembly held in Barcelona, ​​Spain, FIFA decided to hold the first FIFA World Cup in Uruguay in 1930. The General Assembly decided that 13 teams from 4 European countries and 9 American countries will participate in the first World Cup, and the World Cup will be held every four years after that.
In 1930, as FIFA promulgated a new "offside" rule in 1925, this rule aggravated the defensive figure on the field, and the offense and defense became increasingly strengthened. In view of this, British football coach Herbert Chapman created a "WM" formation in that year, so that the distribution of offensive and defensive numbers reached a balanced state. This formation prevailed in world football around the 1940s. In July, the first FIFA World Cup was held in Uruguay. After 18 competition days and 18 games from July 13 to July 30, the host Uruguay team won the championship with a 2-3-5 formation. won the World Cup.
Since the 1950s, world football has undergone three revolutionary changes. First of all, in 1953, the Hungarians broke through the traditional "WM" style of play and created a "3-3-4" formation, which effectively promoted the world football at that time.

In 1958, the Brazilians made new developments in technology and skills, created a "4-2-4" formation with a balanced attack and defense, and won three World Cup championships in 1958, 1962 and 1970. . After this, the "4-3-3" formation and its variants appeared. Because this formation is balanced in attack and defense, and flexible in tactics, it reflects the trend of comprehensive development of technology, tactics and physical fitness. Known as the third revolution in the history of football.
Since 1930, the World Cup has been held every four years, and the competition has lifted restrictions on professional athletes.

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