Passive income: old books recycling project during graduation season(50k dollars/month)


Soon in May, colleges and universities also ushered in the graduation season, friends some time ago and I was talking about how to deal with their school books after graduation? Is it sold directly as scrap or brought home or what other ways can be dealt with?

Then today we will share a niche and popular project – graduation season old book recycling project.



I first came into contact with this project several years ago when I graduated, remembering that at that time 100 yuan sold all their books for four years in college, and jokingly said: four years of college knowledge for 100 yuan at the end, not enough to send my luggage home.


Well, back to the topic, talk about this side business money project today.


The underlying logic

Every year, a large number of college students graduate during the graduation season, and most people will not take their books home, but will basically dispose of them directly, perhaps directly to the price of waste paper recycling or directly as garbage directly thrown away.


With this kind of operation, the books will not be able to play their proper value again. In order to solve this problem of many people and the rational use of resources, such a new industry was born. It is a way to recycle all the old books and to provide a more valuable recycling path for every unused book.


For us, it is by recycling a large number of books and then selling them uniformly to recycling platforms or selling them ourselves to earn the difference in price.


Project process

First, the old books to cash

The underlying logic of the previous article has been said to cash from the recovery of books for secondary sale or unified sale to the second-hand recycling platform to earn the difference in price, as for the secondary sale of this, not suitable for individuals to operate, have the strength of the partners can understand themselves. And what we need to do is probably to sell our recycled books to the recycling platform. This kind of recycling platform is a lot, according to my observation are quite reasonable.


Here to ride the horse to collect books as an example, directly WeChat sweep the following QR code can enter the sale of books.


After entering the small program, enter the recycling cart, within the [sweep code to sell books], directly sweep the barcode of the book can be entered, you can see the price of the book after entry. (The books below are the books that Dusty Xuan sweeps the code randomly)



Like the price of some textbooks will be more expensive, like college students of Mao and other books will be relatively high prices.



Second, book recycling

Why I positioned the project name as the graduation season old book recycling project, it is obvious that in the funny graduation time, our target users are the most accurate, the largest traffic.


As mentioned earlier, most students are not good at handling college textbooks and books during the graduation season, and they are usually recycled as scrap or directly abandoned.



The general price of recycled waste paper in the market is around one dollar a pound, and the price will vary depending on the market. Here are two ideas for you.

(1) We can cooperate with local recycling stations, they recycle books that are suitable for sale we recycle at a price of one dollar a copy.


(2) You can first recruit student agents to help you recycle books in the school at a price higher than the market price of waste paper, and the recycled books will be selected, and those suitable for recycling will be recycled, and those not suitable will be sold to the recycling station at a reasonable price.




It is not recommended to go directly to the recycling of books with a large profit difference, the partners who have experienced that stage should understand that if only some of the books are collected, students will find it very troublesome and may not be sold to you.


Three, notes

If you intend to go for this project, there are some basics you must know.

(1) Books that are damaged, smelly, or have aging stains are not suitable for recycling.

(2) Pirated and illegal publications as well as non-sale items are not suitable for recycling.


Project Benefits

The above also gives you mention a book recycling price can reach eight dollars, some cheap books a book can also reach one or two dollars, and we have a price of one or two dollars a pound recovery, how many books can have a pound? The difference in price can be imagined.


According to the previous communication with my former university to do this business partners, every year basically busy in May, June and July, according to him, the earnings in a school can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.


What do you think?

Written by Debra Strauss

Debra, a culinary mother, is a three-child mother who graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a bachelor's degree in economics and Chinese.

Debra loves living and sharing and is currently working full-time on article writing.