A few things I’ve learnt on making money


1. Making money is to do a thing that is closest to the money.
This is the core of what I learned about making money during last year.

If you want to make money, then you must do the closest thing to the money, you are most likely to make money.

What is the closest thing to money on the web?


My answer is: accurate traffic.

A few days ago, a student in the project group said that learning “technology” on the Internet is the most reliable thing.

I do not think so, but to see what technology you learn, your technology is close to the money or not.

” Voice acting”, “PPT making”, “Python programming” are all technical jobs, right?


But how to make money after learning?

You said that taking orders for services is a very reliable way to make money, and I agree.

But then the question arises, where do the customers come from?

How to solve the problem of customer acquisition?

Technology is reliable, technology can also be used to make money, these are no problem, the problem is how to deal with customers, to sell your technical services.

The same technology, why SEO optimization technology than the above technology is much better?

Because the starting point of SEO optimization technology is to engage in traffic, to engage in search engine search traffic.

So in my opinion, the same technology, but also to see the technology from the money in the end is not close, close to the possibility of making money, not close, then forget it, if your starting point is to learn technology to make money.

2. research what to write about, research to what paragraph to write about how much money to make
There are some people discussing me privately, saying that I often write articles about annual income of a million, a little exaggerated, but also some people say I have not written articles about annual income of ten million, has been considered restrained.

I write annual income million, because this thing for me has long reached, and the past few years I also brought out a lot of do personal IP disciples, to achieve annual income million, so for me this is not a difficult thing.

But the annual income of ten million, I myself have not reached, so I do not want to write, because I do not have enough experience, but this does not mean that I can not write or can not write.

Last year I met a lot of friends in Guangzhou doing the Internet, some are doing direct, some are doing micro business, some are doing traffic, it is no exaggeration to say that in these people I know, worth more than half of at least half, many of their annual income is ten million to billion of this level.

Before I went to Guangzhou, in my concept, I think the annual income of ten million is indeed a great difficulty.

After I went to Guangzhou, I often communicated with them to understand their business model and the history of success of these grassroots entrepreneurs, and slowly I found that the annual income of ten million was not so far away as I thought.

I remembered that back then, I chose to start a business on the Internet without hesitation, is not because in the reality of work, can not find the opportunity to break out, and the Internet is full of infinite possibilities?

If in the Internet to make money also with the same work routine, then why choose the Internet business.

Choose the Internet, from the beginning is the choice of its uncertainty, may not earn a point a year, may also be a year to reach a million or even millions of income.

Unstable income is the biggest disadvantage of Internet business, but also its biggest advantage.

If you choose to start a business on the Internet, but you do not even dare to think, by how to talk about the latter to do it?

Dare to think and do

This is the attitude of an Internet entrepreneur, not a subconscious rejection of such articles, or feel …

This author started bragging again.

3. decide how much money by two dimensions to decide
I spent most of last year in Guangzhou, adding up to get more than what I got in the previous 5 years.

Here I do want to thank these brothers in Guangdong, especially the three eight brother, introduced a lot of contacts to me, to help me smoothly open the Guangdong network circle.

After I came back, I have been lamenting one thing, in fact, I should have gone to Guangzhou 3 years ago or even a little earlier, if a few years earlier, now should have been financially free.

After I came back from Guangzhou, my perception of “making money online” has improved by at least 3 levels.

Later, I told some of my disciples that the decision of how much money I would make in the future was no longer how strong my skill level was, but…

By the cognition and implementation, these two dimensions decided.


Cognition determines where the height I can go in the future, and execution determines how far I can go in the future and whether I can go to the height I expect, one cannot be without the other.

Having height, without execution, is equal to 0.

Execution, no height, will not go far.

4. As a newbie what is the most important thing at the moment?
If I have to give some advice to new entrepreneurs, my answer is.

First try to earn the first 1 million.

No matter what form you earn, no matter how much effort you put in, no matter if you earn by luck or not, in short, you must first earn the first 1 million.

Because when you achieve this goal, you can really open up the cognition and pattern.

Before you can earn this money, you learn all the cognition and pattern, will always remain in the theoretical level, your subconscious will not really believe, because …

You will always feel, obviously my cognition must have reached a certain height, but why I simply did not earn this height should earn the money, naturally you will have doubts and questions about the so-called amount of “cognitive enhancement”, and in fact …

knowledge and vision, is absolutely the most important.

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Written by Debra Strauss

Debra, a culinary mother, is a three-child mother who graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a bachelor's degree in economics and Chinese.

Debra loves living and sharing and is currently working full-time on article writing.