90% of hemorrhoids do not need to be treated, 3 tips need to be done



With hemorrhoids, it’s easy to get worse and worse, going to the bathroom is usually like this



How to do? Doctors say there are 3 tips for you.

1, the control of diet is quite important, can not eat aphrodisiac fruits, such as mangoes, lychees, etc., can not resign grilled stimulating food, can not eat hard food that is difficult to digest.

2, standing up and sitting, daily daily can be two legs together and together, two arms raised above the head, this time the heels up, do deep breathing, and then in the 2 arms slowly fall down, again deep breathing, so do on 8 times can be done, after doing, will sit on both legs, the body relaxed, and then slowly up, in the up at the same time, lifting the buttocks clip anus, and then in the sit down, repeatedly do about 20 times a day.

3, catwalk dog flap in leisure time, you can imitate the posture of reptiles, buttocks up, crawling in bed, daily morning and evening crawl about 50 meters, which can strengthen the anal muscles exercise, and then exercise, according to their body’s response can be adjusted accordingly.

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