As the Richest Woman in America, She Bought a Square to Store Vast Collection of Jewelry


She became the first wealthy woman in the United States at the age of 27 in the last century, with a value of $250 million. She was also one of the most jewelled women in the world, most of the royal jewels. The only ones who march her were Queen Elizabeth and the Duchess of Windsor.

She had 3 marriages and was the founder of General Foods, the largest food company in the United States. She was Marjorie Merriweather Post.


At first, let’s enjoy her collection of jewellery.

A 21-carat emerald diamond and necklace once by Mexican Emperor Maximilian, remodelled by Cartier.

Ruby necklace earrings of Tsar Nicholas I’s granddaughter

The turquoise crown of Marie-Louise, Napoleon’s second wife

Heart of the Sea Necklace

The Crown from the Queen of Iran

And all sorts of crowns from royalty, but not by name.

The legendary lifetime of Miss Post

In March 1887, Marjorie Merriweather Post was born in the United States with a great fortune. She was the only daughter of C.W. Post, the owner of Postum Cereal, the largest food company in the United States at the time.

In 1914, her father died. She became the owner of the Postum Cereal Company, and overnight. Her value skyrocketed to $250 million, making her the richest woman in America.

In 1919, 32-year-old Lady Ma decided to divorce her lawyer husband, who had been married for 14 years. Shortly after the divorce, she met her second husband, stockbroker Edward Francis Hutton. Due to the help of the new husband, her companies developed to a new stage by going public.

To celebrate the happy events, she often invited her female friends to dance in the house. However, she found that the 5,000-square-meter apartment was not enough for them to dance. So, she bought Sea Cloud, the largest private yacht in the world at the time, for everyone to have some fun on board. And she also built a private resort in Palm Beach, Florida. It was a crescent-shaped, roughly 200,000 square feet resort to store her collection of jewellery!


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