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Can You Believe That the Price of Oil is Cheaper Than Cola?

March 9, 2020, can be described as Black Monday in the United States. Shortly after the S & P 500 Index opened, it plummeted 7%, triggering the first-level fusing mechanism, causing all three major US stock indexes to suspend trading for 15 minutes, and finally closed with a crashing plunge. The last similar situation had to go back to 1997. Congratulations, we have witnessed history again.

Although the plunge in U.S. stocks and even global stocks is shocking, the secrets hidden behind this incident are even more frightening.

  1. COVID-19 is scarier than people think

The epidemic has now severely affected countries on Eurasia and is spreading to the United States. Although governments have taken various measures to control the disease, people's persistent fears have led to today's situation-US stocks have plummeted.

  1. The oil war is on the horizon

International oil prices have hit their biggest one-day drop in 30 years. Among them, the price of Brent crude oil dropped to $ 31.02 per barrel, and WTI crude oil (US West Texas Intermediate crude oil) fell below $ 28 / barrel. This means that a barrel of oil is about $ 28.3, while a barrel of cola is as high as $ 119.

In the case of a sharp drop in oil prices due to the epidemic, OPEC announced that it had failed to negotiate with Russia and wanted to suppress the United States and Russia by increasing oil production. As the two major countries in the world, America and Russia will never give up, and the oil battle will soon begin.

  1. The Ruler Of The World will change.

While US stocks plummeted, we unexpectedly found that the FTSE CHINA A50 index rose by nearly 1% and the RMB appreciated for two consecutive weeks. Every global crisis since ancient times has brought major changes to the world landscape. Therefore, The Ruler Of The World may change very soon.

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Written by Anjali

Anjali was born from Mumbai,  25. I likes traveling and cooking, after broke with my boyfriend, I was so bored, I start praticing writing stories and find my happiness.

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