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I don't know if you are like me, looking forward to a new start in the new year, busy dressing up yourself, buying new clothes and making new hairstyles. But while you are shopping for yourself and your family, don't forget to fill your house with new things, such as new kitchenware, small appliances, or new furniture. Today we come to introduce you to some novelty novelties that can be used in daily life.

  1. Bambooee Reusable Bamboo Towel | Deal price: US$8.50

Compared to ordinary towels, towels made of bamboo are more environmentally friendly, comfortable, can be used longer, and are more durable. The bamboo fiber contained in the towel helps reduce the growth of bacteria. If you have children at home, this towel is your best choice.

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  1. Comb and Brush Cleaner |Deal price: US$6.00

If you are a lady (or sir) with long hair, then you must use this product. The brush cleaner is small and easy to carry, helping you to easily clean the hair tangled by the comb, and easy to clean the dirt left by the brush.

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  1. Amazon Concrete Toilet Accessories | Deal price: US$88.00

The hygiene of a family's toilet is also very important, so a quality toilet accessory is essential. This toilet brush is made of birch and is covered with concrete. The quality is excellent. Although the price is a bit expensive, it is definitely worth the money.

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  1. Amazon Smart Plug | Deal price: US$29.99

Technological progress has brought many conveniences to our lives, just like this set of smart plugs. It can help you manage your home appliances. When you forget to turn off the air conditioner, just operate the Gosund app a few times and the smart plug can remotely turn off the air conditioner at home.

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  1. AUVON Portable Pill Organizer | Deal price: US$9.99

Some people don`t know when they will get sick, so the pillbox is one of the things in the house. This kit is divided into a variety of specifications, can hold different sizes of medicines. This pillbox uses environmentally friendly materials for the efficient storage of medicines. The pillbox uses several small grids to store different kinds of drugs, and it is necessary to maintain the drug's medicinal properties.


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